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Like many girls in her age group, my daughter is absolutely bonkers over Disney’s Descendants. She knows all of the songs, most of the dialogue, many of the dances, and has a couple of character costumes. As soon as she heard that Descendants 3 had been given the green light, she knew that she wanted to have a party with her friends to watch the premiere. I thought the idea of a premiere/release party was a great idea and planned all of the food based on Descendants 1 and 2.


Basing food on the Descendants movies is quite simple since there are so many foods in the movies. The hard part was deciding which ones to use, especially since so many of them are loaded with sugar. With a couple of food items, we went with something that we could tie into a character rather than a specific food from the movies.

To tie things together even further, I made food tents that gave the food a name from from the movie and with the character(s) that related to it.


In Descendants 2, Dizzy asks Evie, “What does ice cream taste like?” Not wanting to have ice cream melting on the food table, I put cups and spoons next to Dizzy’s “What does ice cream taste like?” food tent.


In Descendants 1, Mal needs one tear of human sadness to complete a recipe to put a love spell on Ben. Lonnie comes into the kitchen where the VKs a mixing up the recipe and starts to cry when she realizes that they’ve never felt the love of a parent. Mal wipes one tear of human sadness from Lonnie’s cheek & slings it in the bowl before pushing Lonnie out of the kitchen, wishing her evil dreams.

I used my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe for the One Tear of Human Sadness Cookies.


No Descendants dessert spread would be complete without First Date Jelly donuts from Descendants 1…


…or gummy bears in a shout out to Descendants’ lovable canine, Dude.



Mal’s new found love of strawberries and Evie’s ties to the Evil Queen, whom she calls “Mommy”, were a great way to add in a little bit of fresh produce!



In Descendants 2, Uma runs her mother, Ursula’s, restaurant, Fish & Chips. For this one, I did a play on Fish & Chips with a bowl of goldfish crackers and a bowl of potato chips.



Even though cheese puffs aren’t actually seen or eaten in Descendants, when Ben asks Mal if she likes the scooter he gives her, she responds with, “Does an ogre like cheese puffs!”



To represent Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil, we went with hot dogs wrapped in crescent dough. Normally called pigs in a blanket, we chose Hot Dogs with a Twist for the Descendants party.



Descendants fans know that Gil likes eggs just as much as his dad, Gaston.

I debated whether to go with eggs for Gil or Peanut Butter & Jelly Is My Favorite for Ben. I decided on Gil for two reasons. 1. It added a character that wasn’t already represented & 2. jelly was just adding even more sugar.



If you’ve seen Descendants 1, then you know that Jay enjoys having Victory Pizza with the Team!



There was enough sugar on the table, I did not want to add more in liquid form. Rather than punch or sodas, I made labels to go on water bottles to keep everyone hydrated.


As part of the festivities, the girls painted their nails at Dizzy’s Curl Up & Dye pop-up nail salon.

I made most of the food tents, as well as the Curl Up & Dye sign with images that I purchased on Etsy. Click on the link below to download PDF files of the food tents & Curl Up & Dye sign, as well as a sign for Mal’s Art Studio. I decided at the last minute to scratch the art studio for party activities.

Descendants Food Tents PDF

Curl Up & Dye PDF

Mal’s Art Studio PDF



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