Sesame Soba Noodles


Sesame Soba Noodles


1/2 cup tahini (sesame paste)

3 cloves of garlic, minced

3 tablespoons soy sauce

2 tablespoons toasted sesame oil

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

3/4 cup water

In a blender or small food processor, blend until smooth. Pour into a small pot. Heat through and keep warm.


In a small amount of olive oil, sauté:

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped

1 large carrot, grated

1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed


Cook 8 oz soba noodles according to the package directions. Drain well.

Combine noodles, sauce, & vegetables. Toss with 1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds.


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